COVID-19 Update: During these challenging times, SHRC is continuing to assist our community, but is limiting its services to the safe delivery of Narcan and safe-use materials including syringe exchange. Please give us a call if you need help. Call 530-212-0279. Thank you.

SHRC Awarded $303k 3 Year CHRI Grant 

Sierra Harm Reduction Coalition is very pleased to announce that they have been awarded a significant grant from the California Harm Reduction Initiative (CHRI). Our grant will allow us to really take harm reduction services in El Dorado County to the next step, helping our community thrive. 


CHRI is a new initiative in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Office of Aids (OA). Syringe service programs will receive direct funding to increase staffing as well as ongoing technical assistance and training from National Harm Reduction Coalition.


This funding will impact the reach of harm reduction to rural areas, communities of color, unhoused people, LGBTGNC+ people, and people who face barriers to accessing evidence-based programs that improve safety and wellbeing for people who use drugs.


Funding will increase staffing at qualified SSPs, provide technical assistance, and evaluate results of funded programs across the state. National Harm Reduction Coalition is also devoting resources to develop a peer leadership and mentorshipogram that will foster the growth of California harm reduction programs by providing grantees opportunities to visit other sites, share skills, and develop a network of learning. CHRI was established by the California Budget Act of 2019 to deepen linkage and engagement with other social service programs for people who use drugs through funding and technical assistance.


We at so grateful for this opportunity, and thank you all for your help and support.



Our mission is to provide a suite of community based Harm Reduction services aimed to improve the quality of life in our county through helping our drug using community by reducing the consequences of drug use. We believe in the safety of our community and respect the rights and feelings of our family who use drugs. We provide free of charge “where they’re at” drug and disease minimization services.

Ultimately, our goals include improving the life circumstances for those who are using or are addicted to drugs; helping them become more productive members of our community; as well as a building a highly networked collaboration of services providers. Some of the services we provide are:


  • Compassionate and anonymous client needs surveys supporting all drug users (opioid, meth, alcohol, etc.), both in-home and our communities without homes

  • Support our community by providing regular walkthrough litter cleanup in our area especially targeting children/park areas, shopping areas and high drug user areas

  • Providing needle exchange and disposal services, supplies/kits, fentanyl test strips, naloxone distribution and training

  • Identifying and preventing HIV/HEP-B/C and STD’s through testing

  • ​​​​Provide essential followed referrals to public and private services organizations to offer services such as counseling services; screening and vaccination services; medical services; detox and treatment program services; people who live without housing and food access services; abuse and youth support services; financial and transportation service



SHRC Mission Statement 

A note from our Executive Director 

Call us if you find syringe litter in El Dorado County at 530-212-0279