An Overview on SHRC

The Sierra Harm Reduction Coalition (SHRC) seeks to contribute to a healthy and happy community for all people who live in El Dorado County. We use evidence based strategies to meet people who use drugs where they are and help them move toward a healthier, more stable life through the power of community and advocacy.

Please feel free to download and distribute these pamphlets to your friends and family.


Safe Injection

Rotate your spot! When you stick a needle in your skin, it leaves a hole that has to heal. The same is true with your veins! You can keep your veins in good shape if you let the spot heal before you hit on it again.

For more information, check out our pamphlet on Safe Injection.


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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a progressive disease which frequently has few or no symptoms and can progress without signs for decades. Most patients with chronic hepatitis C are asymptomatic until serious liver complications arise.

For more information, check out our pamphlet on Hepatitis C.


Naloxone / Narcan

Always act! Narcan saves lives! Even if you’re not sure if someone is overdosing, act like their life depends on it. It does! Call 9-1-1, administer naloxone, and perform rescue breathing. Don’t ever leave someone alone!

For more information, check out our pamphlet on Naloxone / Narcan.


Fentanyl Testing

Fentanyl is deadly, and is being found in all kids of drugs (heroin, pills, meth, etc.) Be smart and learn how to test your stuff for fentanyl.

Check out our pamphlet on Testing for Fentanyl.


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Overdose Prevention

Help yourself and others by understanding how to prevent a drug overdose.

Please see our pamphlet on Overdose Prevention.


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